Training - Social Selling

Release the power of Social Media within your organization

Training in Social Selling 

With the training in Social Selling you and your organization will not only get tips and practical exercises, but also a greater understanding of how to use digitalization successfully in your sales. The training will also provide you with the latest tools, features, working methods and the best shortcuts to boost your digital business. Book a training with us and get:

  • Understanding of what Social Selling is and how it can be used in your sales strategy
  • A framework for how to reach your customers where they are and with the right message
  • A structure for customizing your sales to the way customers purchase

How does the training work?
The training is in Swedish and conducted over two full days with approximately 3-4 week in between.  In addition, a half-day follow-up will take place approximately 4 weeks after training day nr 2. Everything is located in the participants' own workplace and computers. The pedagogy used is situational pedagogy, i.e. learning from your organizational culture, your current business situation and your needs. Theory in group is varied with practical exercises and personal coaching. The training aims at creating the best conditions for your organization's long lasting and sustainable results.

8900 SEK excl. VAT/ person

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