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Training in HubSpot 

HubSpot as a tool is extremely powerful. We at Structsales, however, often see that customers buy HubSpot without having a clear plan of how they want to work with the tool. Sadly, you miss a lot of the strength with HubSpot. Book a training with us and learn

  • The basics of Inbound Marketing
  • Manage comprehensive workflows and lead scoring
  • How to work with campaigns and reporting in HubSpot
  • Models for ROI and how to connect HubSpot to business results
  • Tips and inspiration on how best to get the sellers to close your leads
  • How to build Personas and work with them directly in HubSpot

How does the training work?
The training is in Swedish and conducted over two full days with approximately 3-4 week intervals. Everything is based on the participants using their own computers and their own campaigns and work. The training is open to all marketers in different organizations and takes place at Structsales. The training is aimed at both new and experienced marketers. During day 1, the participants leave a list of things they want to test in their own portal. This is followed up during day 2. Theory is mixed with practice to get the best possible conditions to benefit from Hubspot after the training.

8900 SEK excl. VAT/ person

Please note that your e-mail won’t be shared with anyone else. It will be used to send you information about the training as well as other inspiration within sales and marketing via email. You can of course easily unsubscribe from these.

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